Disc Golf Drives Home a Photographic Point

Shane lets the disc fly!

Location, location, location! As I’ve written before, where you stand with your camera can influence the quality of your photos.

Ryan is about to throw off the hill.

Of course, sometimes you’re just stuck in a certain place and can’t improve your photographic point of view. But when you can, it pays big dividends.

Patrick’s drive is on its way to the land below.

Recently I took photos at the Texas State Disc Golf Championship at Tom Bass Park near Pearland. After awhile, all disc golf photos look the same . . . yes, even the ones of my beloved #2 son. So on the second day of play, I looked for a unique location that hopefully would yield more-interesting pix.

A long drive is what Justin is hoping for.

I found one at the highest part of the course, a hill that included a basket for one hole, tee boxes for two more, and a great spot to snap the action on Texas States’ hallmark Texas hole (look for photos tomorrow!).

Mike looks like he’s about to take flight, too!

Trying to get good drives off the hill required decent burst-mode timing by me and lots of climbing by my old legs. I would shoot the putts at the basket on the hill and then hustle to the next hole and billy goat down the mound to a spot where the disc golfers were overhead. I was using my Nikon 70-200mm lens with the Nikon 1.4x teleconverter to give me more reach.

Des puts her all into her drive.

After awhile, I experimented with moving to various spots on the hill.

Darrell lets the disc rip.

I liked the overhead shots the best, but snapping from different angles also yielded some good pix.

Reggie watches his disc fly.

I prefer seeing faces in my photos, but I just had to shoot from behind the players to try to catch the disc flying through the air. This caused an exposure problem, with the brightness of the sky contrasting with the dark clothes of the players. But I do like the result.

The next day I must admit that my legs were killing me! All that up and down just to try to get better photos?


It was well worth it! But please pass the Bengay!


3 responses to “Disc Golf Drives Home a Photographic Point

  1. Great photos Susan! The last one of Ben Honey is great!

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