Our Bloomin’ Front Yard

A purply and red rose cohabitate in our front bed.

Looks like the warmer weather finally is here to stay! Which figures, since the high school track season ends this week for my #2 son.

Our roses are developing at different rates. I'm partial to the partly opened ones.

With the temperatures so nice last Saturday, the Mister and I checked out our front yard landscaping.

Rosebuds like these are the promise that we'll see more beauty soon.

Our roses look spectacular! They’ve been blooming all month and are a beautiful addition to our yard. However, January’s freeze executed our lovely, short-lived ixoras (Ixoras, we hardly knew ye!), so they exited their beds via the Mister’s shovel.

The Mister gets to planting.

In their place, we planted a colorful spring mix of flowers sold by ProGrad. And, yes, unfortunately, “we” did equal both the Mister and myself, much as I tried to get out of it (as usual). Why?


There were worms all over. Ugh! Too bad the Mister and our #2 son weren’t going fishing. Plus, I don’t like getting my hands dirty. Not when I have my camera to handle. My role is supposed to be photographer; the Mister is our gardener. But he wasn’t falling for that old excuse this time.

Pinkish flowers

In our typical procrastination fashion, we were, ahem, about 10 days late planting the spring mix.

Love these magenta flowers!

Fortunately, most of the blooms survived and have added even more color to our front yard.

Slurp slurp!

A healthy dose of water helps the flowers grow. Hopefully, the spring mix will thrive before our hot summer forces them to give up their reason for living. Until then, we plan to enjoy our bloomingly beautiful front yard!

5 responses to “Our Bloomin’ Front Yard

  1. the roses are beautiful – I need to get out and get some color in our yard.

  2. I love roses, too. I have many different varieties plus an old fashioned rose bush (which is currently trying to be a tree its so big).

    The worms are so great for the soil….when I find one, I move it to the area that I think needs it the most. Soon I’ll be moving them to my raised garden beds. The grandsons and neighbor kids help with the worm transport.

  3. like your flowers,great.

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