Here’s the Bluebonnet Buzz!

Indian paintbrushes mingle with bluebonnets

One of the great loves of my photographic life is snapping pics of wildflowers. Which is why April is possibly my favorite photo month!

Yes, it’s wildflower season once again here in south Texas. This is our trade-off for our horrendous summers. Heat and humidity in exchange for beautiful bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and crimson clovers . . . is it worth it? I always think it is every April (but don’t ask me again in August!).

The #2 son flies a putt towards the basket.

After that recent, disappointing attempt to take photos of bluebonnets close to my neighborhood, I convinced the Mister and our #2 son to drive to T.C. Jester Park in Houston last Sunday. When they played disc golf there last year, I enjoyed snapping pix of the abundant wildflowers. I was hoping I would be rewarded with more of the same this time.


And I was! I was presented with vivid vistas of bluebonnets, Texas’ state flower, orange paintbrushes, and those red clovers. It was a breathtaking display. Except for one stinging detail . . . .

A bee loves the crimson clover.

Bees were everywhere!


I beegan to wonder if this was payback for that awful experience with the monster bee at our front door last week!

Looks like bees love wildflowers, too.

Could it bee karma?

Could there bee a pattern with these photos?

Or could it bee kismet?

It's hard to notice the bluebonnets’ beauty when a bee is smack dab in the middle.

What else could it bee?

Once the Mister and #2 finished with their short round of disc golf, I tried to persuade my son to pose for me in a field of bluebonnets. After all, that’s the standard spring photo here in the Houston area. For some beeastly reason, #2 was very reluctant to kneel close to our wonderful purply-blue state flower. And he refused to stay there for very long.

Snap it quickly!

So I got beezy shooting as fast as I could!

5 responses to “Here’s the Bluebonnet Buzz!

  1. love the bee pics

  2. I love your wildflower pics…The first one I set as my background and it shows up really well on my Hannspree 25″ HD monitor…I also saved the others to use as a screen saver because they are just that good…

  3. Dabir Dalton

    I have the Picasa 3 photo software program that came with my laptop and I discovered later on this afternoon that it will make a college of a group of photos in a file. I tried it out on your pictures and it came out pretty good so I saved it then decided to post it as my background while keeping your wildflower pictures as my screen saver.

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