Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

The 800-Meter Life Metaphor

The opening lap of the freshmen boys’ 800 meters last night: The #2 son is second to last.

Life is like an 800-meter race.

#2 and his teammate Eric still are behind the six other competitors during the first lap.

You can start off slowly but surely, with your legs hurting, feeling like a slug. Suddenly you find yourself falling behind the rabbits who were fast off the start. Your confidence might start to waver as you encounter opponents who seem better than you.

#2 catches up to the pack coming off the final curve of the race.

But then you get a burst of energy, and you remember that just two days ago you came from behind to achieve your goal. Can you do it again?

The three runners ahead of #2 will be behind him at the finish!

So you lift up the pace and start picking off those who are throwing roadblocks to your success in front of you. One by one by one.

Run, #2 son, run!

Until you reach the finish line and see that those who had started so much faster now are looking at your back! You weren’t the best today, but you gave it your all and didn’t give up. In the 2 minutes and 19 seconds that it took you to move from seventh (out of eighth) place to third, you learned a lot about life at 14 years old—that some may be faster and some may really test you, but if you try your best, success often will be waiting at the finish.

And remember that “success” doesn’t have to be a number or a place. It’s also that great feeling after a Herculean effort and ending up with a smile on your face.

Congratulations to my #2 son for finishing his first high school track season by running his best 800 meters at the district meet last night. Love that killer kick! Love the faith that you had in yourself that you would succeed. You are—and always will be—a winner!