Award-Winning Photography Continues to Elude Me

A mom in front of me plays Words With Friends on her iPhone.

Perhaps I should’ve taken a hint from the mom in front of me enjoying a game of Words With Friends on her iPhone—forget trying to take a good high school awards night photo and relax with words.

But I guess I’m just stubborn. There I was yet again last night in our high school’s auditorium, which features blinding key lights on stage destined to ruin every nonflash awards ceremony photo I’m destined to take. And flash doesn’t work any better, because the parents are too far from the stage.

My #1 son gets his certificate and congrats from the math department head.

You’d think I wouldn’t angst so much about a ceremony that involves my kid being on stage for 30 or so seconds. But I do love documenting my sons’ achievements, so try I must despite the challenging conditions.

Now that’s better! How about a smile?

The best strategy for taking a good awards night photo? Snap it outside or where there’s better light. My #1 son is getting better at posing for the required (by mom!) picture, because this is the third straight year he’s earned a high school math award. Yes, my non-math kid who has never been commended for the math TAKS and who scored much lower in math on the SAT and ACT. I’m so proud of what he’s achieved!

“Stop it, Mom!”

Not that I can get him to smile about it, though!


6 responses to “Award-Winning Photography Continues to Elude Me

  1. LOL. Looks like something my son would do.
    Congratulations to him. All the sweeter because of the effort it took.
    We’re gonna miss them.

  2. Congrats on the achievement,no disclaimers necessary!

  3. Congrats to Jake. After seeing your photos I don’t feel so bad that my photos of Matt never came out during those ceremonies either. And it’s no easier at his school here in England.

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