One-Third Done With My Photos of the Day

The Mister watches our #2 son teeing off during a short round of disc golf.

I’ve now got four months of photos of the day under my considerable belt! I’m enjoying documenting our lives, even though I do fall behind in posting on the blog. Picking the POTD really makes me think about what I want to remember most about that particular day.

Like the above photo of the Mister watching our #2 son during a round of disc golf on April 11. I loved the pix I snapped of the wildflowers that day. But I thought a picture showcasing the close bond those two have would be a better remembrance of that time we spent together.

A rare smile from Dr. Judge (my #1 son).

If I had to choose, my favorite April photos would be ones of my sons. This pic from April 18 was taken from a bunch that I shot of my #1 son and our “third son” Chase videoing. I especially love pictures of #1 smiling. Makes his beautiful blue eyes twinkle!

My #2 son skies during the triple jump.

I also love, love, love this photo of my #2 son, as I captured him at the peak of his triple jump leap on April 12th at his district track meet. Action photos are my passion.

Those three photos featuring the guys I love easily are among my four favorite April POTDs. But my absolute top pic for the month?

The iPad is mine!

When my our long-awaited, much-anticipated 16GB wifi iPad arrived on April 3!

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