Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

Disc Golf Is Really About the Baby

My #2 son tees off.

My readers who like seeing photos of disc golf will believe that this blog post is all about that particular sport.

Neal putts.

And it’s true that when I brought my Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm macro/ action lens to our weekly handicap mini tournament (run so capably by our good pal Eric), I fully intended to make disc golf the focus (excuse the cheap photo pun) of my photography. Well, that and any flowers I could find.

Sam I Am putts.

At first I was true to my intentions. I walked with my #2 son and then with the Mister, who were on different cards.

Dave tees off.

After that, I tried to concentrate on certain holes to make sure that I took photos of everyone playing.

Jessica tries to fly in a putt.

The action shots were fun to capture.

Glen and my #2 son enjoy chatting during the round.

As were the in-between moments where best buds can shoot the breeze.

But then a major distraction caught my eye, rendering me nearly helpless.

Papa Patrick putts.

It all started when I saw Papa Patrick pushing a stroller. And I knew what that meant . . . .

“Are you looking at me?”

Baby Tristin Lee was in the house! Or, rather, on the disc golf course!!

“Now I'm looking at YOU!”

Our favorite disc golf baby was hanging with dad and the players. Isn’t she just the cutest little girl? For me, it was a case of “what disc golf?” as I snapped away at my favorite baby model.

That handicap mini disc golf tournament? It was really about the baby!