Mother’s Day at the Movies Yet Again

Me and my guys! By the way, I’m NOT taller; I'm standing on the spa.

I love Mother’s Day! It reminds me of the best part of my life, which is all about my two sons who I love dearly. And, of course, it makes me think of my own dear mom in Chicago who I also love.

Gotta love the suit!

Like last year, we spent the late morning and early afternoon seeing a movie. Of course, it was the $5 show, because Mother’s Day is not about spending a lot of money when I’m in charge of making plans. The flick? “Iron Man 2.”

Like last year when we saw “Star Trek,” I picked a movie that I knew the boys would want to see. I really didn’t think that “Letters to Juliet” was a viable alternative with my all-male contingent. One year for my birthday I forced them to see the “Princess Diaries”; I don’t think they’ve forgiven me for that yet!

Robert Downey Jr. is a dying Iron Man.

Ready for a movie review? The boys, of course, loved it. It’s definitely a testosterone-driven flick. There’s so much violence and destruction. At times it even looked like a video game! I liked that Scarlett Johansson played a strong female role; however, her computer-generated male-disabling moves looked way too fake. For me, it wasn’t better than the first movie (sequels rarely are).

Oh, and be sure to stay until the very, very, very end . . . after the credits. Which take forever. There’s an extra scene. While you’re waiting, you can check your smartphone for e-mail, which is what I did with my iPhone. It allows your heart rate, which skies to high levels during much of the movie, to plummet back to the safe zone.

Poetry Corner

Both of my sons presented me with homemade cards (my favorite) as well as Chipotle gift cards (the way to Mom’s heart!) for Mother’s Day. Here’s what my #2 son came up with as his message to me:

M = Most awesome

O = Outstanding

M = More awesome and outstanding

To: My favorite mom

From: Your favorite son

Very cute!

My #1 son, who wants to be a lyricist, penned a rap rhyme using his alter-ego band Fyzikz (pronounced “physics”):

Yo, we Fyzikz

We writin’ this song

Today is the ninth

The day of the mom.

So good morning

And have a nice day

You can have what you want

It’s a-o-kay!

It’s your day

As you can see

But between you and me

We like the Black-Eyed Pea! (© the # son)

BEP just happens to be one of the #1 son’s favorite restaurants, and that’s where he really wanted to go to dinner. Mother’s Day isn’t just about doing whatever moms want to do; sometimes it’s truly about pleasing the ones you love. Know where we ate dinner last night?

Yep, the Black-Eyed Pea! Good thing I like it, too!

2 responses to “Mother’s Day at the Movies Yet Again

  1. I know a lot of moms who saw “Iron Man 2” yesterday. They all gave it about the same review. They things moms do for their boys.

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