Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

Bluer Than Blue

Freshmen (Reid, Sam, Cori, Cody, and my #2 son) just want to have fun!

Monday night was our high school’s spring sports banquet. The Mister and I accompanied our #2 son, who was celebrating with the track team.

After all the accolades had been given, and the seniors had their say (have they met a microphone they don’t like?), I wanted to get some photos (natch) of #2 with some of his fellow freshmen. So we assembled Reid, Sam, Cori, Cody, and #2 for a photo op.

Sidebar: Check out the top photo. Did we not get the memo that everyone was supposed to wear blue? Sorry #2!

Oh, oh . . . #2 pulls “the move” on his good pal Cody!

Cori’s mom, Cindy (who was using her daughter’s Canon), and I had everyone in place when suddenly my #2 son pulled “the move” on Cody. I wasn’t familiar with this particular maneuver until a week or so ago when the #2 son demonstrated it on his older brother for me. Apparently, it’s a popular ploy while walking in the crowded high school halls.

#2 doesn't notice Sam’s subtle move.

Cody laughed it off, but Sam decided that the #2 son needed to be taught a lesson. Cori seems to sense something is up.

Sam causes #2 to move in closer.

Doesn’t Sam look sweet and innocent? Only upon close inspection can you see that he’s yanking #2’s chain shirt.

#2 is held captive!

It was all in good fun, of course. Or was Sam “subtly” letting my #2 son know that he was supposed to be wearing a blue shirt?!?