Daily Archives: May 18, 2010

Knocking It Out of the Rose Park

A new rosebud settles in among its former neighbors.

We’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of the beautiful Knock Out roses in our front yard this spring! They’ve made me smile every time I’ve looked at them. Our neighbors have voiced the same sentiment to us.

Not much to look at here.

Sometimes I’ll look at them, though, and think that they’ve about run their course.

A lot of roses have gone, but some are still hanging in there.

The heat is starting to set in now here in the Houston area. That’s usually not great news for our flowers.

New beauties join their fading friends.

But just when I start to think that all is lost for the roses, they continue to surprise me.

A rose is surrounded by new possibilities.

The landscaping looks sparser, but roses continue to bloom. Not in great quantities like before but in certain spots.

The flower future looks beautiful!

As long as there are rosebuds, I know we’ll keep seeing these gorgeous flowers that make us smile.

A rose blooms before its buds do.

These roses still are a knock out!