Daily Archives: May 28, 2010

Buds to Bursts

Hi, Bud!

Meet Bud. He and his family have been sprouting in our front landscaping most of May. In fact, on May 4, one bursting bud was my photo of the day.

It’s crowded in there!

I’ve watched with photographic and gardening interest as the green buds opened up and started to literally spill their guts among our Knock Out roses.

Whatever it is, it’s purple!

Where were these blooms going to go once they left the friendly confines of their green shell? How large would they be and what would be their shape?

Room to grow!

More importantly, what the heck are they?

The plants on one side of the front grow wilder than on the other side.

I finally got my answers by 1) watching Bud change almost every day and 2) via text message from my neighbor Sylvia, who complimented me on our agapanthus. To which I replied, “Are those the big purple flowers?” Yes, they are!

Bud is all growed up!

Of course, I wiki-ed “agapanthus” to get more information. This so-called “lily of the Nile” is native to South Africa. Yet it’s growing well here in southeast Texas! Pretty cool.

Bursts of agapanthus populate our front landscaping.

What I’ve really enjoyed is seeing plant life in our front garden go from green buds to bluish-purple bursts in less than a month. Now I’m wondering how long they’re going to survive!