Daily Archives: June 1, 2010

Glad It’s a New Month for the Photos of the Day

A crawfish pleads for mercy.

Oh, my gosh! I’ve never been so happy to see the end of a month of photos of the day!! Every time I added new pix to the May Photos of the Day page, I visibly recoiled when that crawfish photo showed up . . . even though I know it’s there. It creeps me out so much!! I hate those beady, little eyes staring at me. Hey, pal, I’m not the one who wanted to eat you!!

But now I’m starting my June Photos of the Day page, and I’m hoping there won’t be anything ugly or strange that will make me blanch when I update it every few days. Farewell, crawfish photo! Hope I don’t have to look at you for a long time.

Happy 15th Birthday!

My #2 son anxiously waits for the school bus.

My #2 son turns 15 today! Happy birthday, baby boy!! It’s time to learn how to drive!

To celebrate, #2 got to ride the bus to school (his older brother is exempt from finals today and didn’t have to sign in at school until 9 a.m.), and, even worse, he took his pre-AP World Geography exam (and it was a bear to study for). The icing on the cake? He’ll need to study for his Spanish 2 final after school.

But, hopefully, he’ll get to play disc golf and go out to his favorite Chinese restaurant tonight. And, no, none of us will be eating crawfish!