Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

Random Snippets: Digital Photography and Movies

Pretty flowers grow near a reflective bridge on a lake.

Usually I’m a big Scott Kelby fan. Not only is Scott great at writing photography and Photoshop books, but you can tell from his blog that he loves taking photos. He’s a true fan of photography and almost is giddy when he scores a great assignment like taking pix at a National Football League game. Just like any of us amateurs would be.

But when Scott threw down a photo gauntlet in his blog last Friday, I rolled my eyes, folded my arms, and said, “I’m not playing.” Scott challenged his readers to shoot in the “old school” way, like back in the day when we used film. Remember pre-digital photography? It was like shooting blind—no switching your ISO (ASA for film) to keep up with changing light conditions, no clicking off as many pix as your memory card will hold. And, most importantly, no checking the LCD to see what you’ve shot to make sure the lighting and shutter speed are right and that eyes all are open.

Reddish blossoms

Yep, we’re spoiled, and I love it! I shot film for about 40 years, and I would never go back! Digital photography is freeing. Sure, you still can take bad shots, as I well know. But it’s easier to capture good—even great—photos because of the instant feedback. I’m a fan of new and improved technology. Digital cameras allow us to be better, more creative photographers.

So when I grabbed my Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm macro lens last Saturday and went off to take photos, I purposely ignored Scott’s challenge. I didn’t limit myself to 24 or 36 photos (a roll of film) nor did I put tape over the LCD monitor. I happily snapped away, chimping when necessary to check lighting conditions and to make sure I got the shot I wanted. I had so much fun shooting flora and fauna—it was a wonderful experience, helped enormously by my digital SLR.

And after I put the photos on my iMac, I used Photoshop to make them look a little bit better (never underestimate the importance of cropping), which was another Kelby no-no for this task.

Perhaps I’ll embrace the next challenge Scott throws down . . . as long as I can play by my own rules!

By the way, even Scott had trouble with his own challenge. We are such creatures of photographic habits!!

Two Thumbs Up

Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried, collects letters written to Juliet.

We saw a couple movies over the weekend that we liked. First, the Mister and I watched “Letters to Juliet.” It was slow-moving and formulaic but very good, helped by gorgeous scenery of Italy. The highlight for me? Hearing “I’m a Believer” sung in Italian! What I found hard to believe? Sophie, who was ably played by Amanda Seyfried, supposedly was writing a story about one particular letter to Juliet and the quest to find that Juliet’s Romeo, yet she never snapped one photo! Not even with a film camera!!

Donkey and Shrek once again are animated stars.

On Memorial Day, the four of us enjoyed “Shrek Forever After.” It was excellent; I truly loved it. A highlight? Hearing “I’m a Believer” for the second straight day; this time it was sung in English, of course. Ogres rock!