Daily Archives: June 10, 2010

Puff the Magic Dragonfly

A momentary rest stop

When I was shooting the daisies in yesterday’s blog post, I walked along the lake near where they had sprouted up.

A dragonfly perches on a flower.

The flowers by the water were teeming with dragonflies!

A dragonfly rests on a leaf.

I’d only photographed a dragonfly once before, but not for lack of trying.

Not the prettiest of leaves to rest upon

The darned insects sure don’t like to stay in one spot very long! They’re just so speedy.

These leaves look much better!

You have to be just as fast on the shutter to capture photos of the dragonflies when they finally stop to rest for several seconds.

Two for the price of one!

Luck, speed, and patience truly are the keys, especially to snag a pix of one in the air. It also would’ve helped to have had a tripod.

The flowers are a great attraction for photographers and dragonflies.

All too often I’d focus on one of the winged critters, start to shoot, and—puff!—as if by magic, there was no dragonfly. Good thing there seemingly were hundreds of them, so that I actually could get several decent pics before they all went puff for the day!