Random Snippeting While Too Tired to Think

My bespectacled #1 son sleeps on our way to San Antonio.

This has been such a tiring week! Before I could overcome the exhaustion from graduation and ProGrad, my #1 son and I were off for the three-hour drive to the University of Texas at San Antonio for his three-day orientation (Tuesday through Thursday). I’ll be blogging about that experience next week assuming I’ve finally caught up on my sleep (we all know how hard it is to sleep in a strange bed for a couple nights). Until then, here are some random thoughts . . . .

We Are the Champions!

I’m not a huge National Hockey League fan. But I’ve always loved the Chicago Blackhawks. My father used to take our family to Blackhawks games when we were growing up. So I was thrilled that my hometown hockey team won their first Stanley Cup title in 49 years recently.

Perhaps now my beloved Cubbies will break through and finally win the World Series again?!?

A Fitting Description

My blog is capably hosted by WordPress. A couple weeks ago I had a suggestion for improving the site and sent them an e-mail. I received a reply from someone who called himself a “happiness engineer.”

I love that term! I think that’s the perfect description for someone like me—a mom and a photographer. If I ever update my resumé, I’m stealing that label!

4 responses to “Random Snippeting While Too Tired to Think

  1. I just thought I should point out that one of the stars of the Blackhawks is from a part of Minnesota we call “da Range,” (the Iron Range), where the folks eat, drink and sleep hockey.

  2. Susan, busy,busy,busy, how do you do it, Good to see Jake snoozing,he is so relax, now that he is a high school grad., so daughter, catch up on your sleep over the weekend, you deserve it. Love you

  3. The picture of Jake captures the fatigue following the excitement like the one you both had the previous week. Can’t wait to hear how the trip went!


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