Daily Archives: June 21, 2010

A Weepy Father’s Day

Our #1 and #2 sons surround their dad and the gift card they gave him.

I was a weepy mess on Father’s Day yesterday. Part of it was because I’m a sappy, sentimental person—just part of my basic nature. Seeing our sons show their love for their dad just brings me to my knees. Cue the tears.

But several other events of the day also caused me to reach for the Kleenex. First, I found out that someone I know is fighting the battle of her life. This gal, Sue Van Natta, is a wonderful runner. I met her years ago when she helped me overcome foot problems via reflexology, which is her passion. Sue has raised thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through running, biking, and triathloning. Truly, you couldn’t find a more giving person.

In mid-March, Sue had a terrible headache. She went to the doctor, and a couple days later she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Just like that! The cancer has spread, and she’s had a rough road since then. My thoughts have been with her, her husband, and her twin daughters, and I hope she beats this dastardly foe.

The toys return for the last time.

In the afternoon, our family went to see “Toy Story 3.” It was great! We loved it!! Andy, the little boy who owns the toys, has grown up and is about to leave for college. He has dark hair and blue eyes . . . just like another boy who loved Buzz Lightyear and Woody and will be flying out of our nest in late August.

I definitely was not prepared for an ending that moms of recent high school graduates should see with lots of Kleenex. I won’t spoil it, but it was very moving for me. My #2 son, who was sitting next to me, was laughing at me as I cried, which made me do that awful crying laugh that’s just hideous to see. Sorry for anyone who had to witness that!

Golfer Graeme McDowell hugs his father Ken. (Associated Press photo)

The final tearjerker moment for me was in the evening after Northern Ireland golfer Graeme McDowell won the U.S. Open. His dad came out of the crowd, and the hug they shared set my waterworks off once again. It’s nice to see that at any age, guys are glad to have their dads near them.

Here’s hoping that my two guys always appreciate their dad, and that I continue to take photos of the three of them together through tear-filled eyes.