Daily Archives: June 28, 2010

Fishing for Blog Ideas

My #2 son loves to go fishing with the Mister.

Just when I think I might run out of blog material, my sons and the Mister always come to my rescue.

Will the frog lure fool the fish into biting?

Recently I was pondering what might be on my upcoming blogging menu and lamenting the slow, sleepy, steamy summer days that produce so little photo action. As I considered my dwindling options during that late afternoon, my #2 son said, “Dad and I are going fishing. Want to come?”

Does your mom love chocolate? You betcha! I grabbed my Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm lens and accompanied them to one of our community’s nearby lakes. The policy there is catch and release, which is fine with us—none of us wants to actually clean a fish. Ugh!

Normally I consider fishing to be . . . how can I put this nicely? . . . so darned boring! I’ve never embraced the concept of sitting or standing for hours in the heat, surrounded by bugs, and possibly stepping on a fire ant mound (which, of course, I did . . . ouch!) with the high odds that all you’ll catch are mosquito bites. No, thank you!

A fish is temporarily on the Mister’s line.

But then the Mister actually hooked a fish! I was able to snap a photo before it set itself free and swam away. Now I was hooked!

#2 tries to reel in a fish!

Soon it was #2’s turn to hit paydirt!

It’s #2 vs. the fish.

Normally, #2 would’ve been thrilled to have caught a fish. But not this one.

#2 wins the battle! Looks like the frog lure worked!!

That’s because #2 snared a catfish, which are hard to get off the hook so they can be thrown back in. Plus they have spines on their bodies that can cut flesh. Neither of my guys was anxious to deal with this whiskered foe.

The catfish is anxious to get back into the lake.

Once the fish was on land, someone had to get the hook out of the catfish’s mouth. I’ve never been happier that I was the one documenting the action instead of being a part of it!

The Mister tries to free the hook.

Fortunately, the Mister saved the day for the catfish. Note the Michael Jackson glove, which comes in handy (pun intended!) if those spines get in the way.

After that escapade, the fish stopped biting at this spot. Perhaps the catfish, like a watery Paul Revere, sent out the alarm (one if by land).

The Mister displays his tiny fish.

So we drove to another local lake, where the guys tried their luck. The best they could do, though, was snag this little sunfish.

They might have been disappointed with their paltry results, but I, of course, was thrilled. It was great that my #2 son and the Mister proved to be my bait for a trophy-sized blog post!