Photo Oddities

Ripples among a reflection

It’s photo grab bag day on my blog! I have a bunch of recent pics that don’t necessarily fit together but still are ones I like. Such as the ripples from the lake where the Mister and our #2 son fished recently.

Nature at its curious best

Would you even guess that the above photo is of a bit of nature that was hanging from a bush in a local park where the Mister and #2 played disc golf? The bush was just filled with these odd objects swaying peacefully in the air.

Whatever it is, it's also on the bush.

Some of them also were still on the branches. I’m guessing they’re some kind of pine cone given that they were on what looked like a pine bush.

This I recognize!

Not that they looked anything like a conventional pine cone on a conventional pine tree. By the way, I love the bokeh (background blurring) in this photo. So dreamy-looking.

Here's something you don't always see in a tree!

This isn’t a pine tree, but it did have something . . . or rather someone . . . unusual in it. The boy is looking up to where his kite is stuck. I’m not sure if he ever got it down. Reminds me of Charlie Brown and his kite-eating tree!

Is Roderick magically putting?

When I take disc golf photos, I try to time it so I snap the shutter just after the player releases the disc; that way the noise doesn’t affect the throw. Sometimes that means photographically catching the disc in the air in an unusual position . . . like in this pic. This almost looks like sleight of hand by Roderick as he manipulates the disc. Is he trying to throw the putter into the basket or is he magically pulling it back into his hand?

Interesting rocks caught my eye.

Oddities or not, I think all these photos really rock!

Update: Those odd-looking pine cones actually are bagworms! Thanks to my college roommate Jan for figuring that one out!


4 responses to “Photo Oddities

  1. It’s been forever since I’ve seen a boy climb a tree. Great pics.

  2. Susan Richards

    The “odd” rocks are chert. Native Americans made arrowheads from them. There was quite a lot of trading between tribes for this very useful stone. Chert is Silica Dioxide that is not fully crystallized, ie. uncrystallized quartz. Pretty hard, but because it’s not crystallized, it can be chipped without breaking along cleavage planes (Cleavage being structural weaknesses along which minerals break, look at salt under a microscope, it is perfectly cubic because it has cubic cleavage)

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