Getting Back in the Groove After a Non-Vacation

Yep, it's still full!

See this red suitcase? Right now it’s sitting in our foyer waiting for someone to do something with it.

Know what’s in it? It’s stuffed with dirty laundry from our recent trip that was in no way, shape, or form a vacation for any of us. We just got back yesterday after our usual airport hassles (seems like we always have an airport kick-me sign on us), and I felt exhausted all day.

A trio of flags fly in our community.

So exhausted, in fact, that the only true Fourth of July photos that I snapped were taken with my iPhone 4.

Fireworks over our community as seen through my iPhone 4

How lazy can a photographer be?!?

Fireworks 2009 using my Nikon D300

Remember last year’s fireworks photos?

Yet another mediocre iPhone fireworks photo

To say that this year’s pix pale in comparison is an understatement.

But that’s what happens when you’ve been out of town for four days and have to contemplate a pile of laundry. Let’s hope by the end of today that the red suitcase has been emptied and put away with clean clothes ready and waiting for all.

Then it’s just a matter of catching up with everything else that’s been neglected!

5 responses to “Getting Back in the Groove After a Non-Vacation

  1. Dearest EM,

    What did they do to you this time at the airport? Flying is just such a crap shoot anymore!

  2. Sometimes we just do what we can.

  3. What you need is a little help from the laundry fairy…:)

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