Wet and Wild

Multiple sprinklers make for an interesting photographic setup.

Sunday morning when I took my usual long walk through our neighboring community I decided to change things up. Instead of trying to speed through three or four miles, I opted for a more-casual pace with a photographic spin. But which camera to use?

Knowing my heavy sweat factor (it’s beastly hot here in the Houston area) plus figuring that the sprinklers would be on, I chose my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 point-and-shoot camera. The photo quality is nowhere near that of my digital SLRs; however, it is waterproof.

The sprinklers water flowers near the lake.

Which came in very handy that morning.

The water seems to hang in the air.

When you’ve got a camera like the Stylus Tough, you can’t help but seek out situations that it’s made for. Like water. In fact, it almost seemed to be drawn to moisture!

A couple sprinklers cross paths.

Which was a good thing, because a lot of sprinklers were on along the path. And, given my natural photographic curiosity, I wondered what it would be like to take pics while walking through those sprayers.

I'm going in!

So that’s what I did! Some of the water flows were like a light shower, while others soaked me to the skin and left me gasping due to their sudden coldness. I’ve got to admit that I loved every minute of it!

Inside the sprinkler was like being in an impressionist painting.

Taking sprinkler photos was wet, wild, and refreshing!

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