Daily Archives: July 26, 2010

Reflective Disc Golf

A disc golf basket is reflected in the lake.

Reflections are one of my favorite photographic subjects. I especially like how different things look when water is added into the mix.

Rob putts reflectively.

During last week’s handicap mini tournament, I immediately was drawn to a small lake that provided an interesting perspective to that same old blah blah blah disc golf photography.

Nicole and her watery twin putt.

As I was shooting across the water at the players putting, I was lamenting that I was using my trusty Nikon 105mm lens on my Nikon D700. True, it’s a versatile lens that comes in handy when there are possible macro photo ops, but my Nikon 70-200mm would’ve been a better choice given the distance from where I was standing to the basket. Live and learn!

Dale tees off across the lake.

The lake was nice enough to provide me with a couple different shooting vantage points.

My #2 son hones in on the basket, as Rob watches.

But on most of the holes, players had no interaction with the big pond, much to their relief (fewer lost discs). That didn’t make the photo action any less compelling, fortunately.

Dr. Steve messes with my photo timing.

Especially when one certain player decided to yank my photo chain and pretend to release the disc as I was snapping away. Hey, Dr. Steve, I’m working here!

Thar it goes!

Upon further reflection, so was he!