Photo Gawk

A green spider casts a wide web.

Yesterday’s post was about the beauty of my recent photo walk.

The green guy was kind of cute but kind of creepy.

Today’s is about the beasts that I spied through my Nikon 105mm macro lens. Too bad there were so few.

A skipper rests amid colorful flowers.

Some of the critters were cute.

A cicada exoskeleton remains on my neighbor's house.

Others definitely were not.

Another exoskeleton was left behind on the underside of a frond.

I can’t say I’ve seen the cicadas that emerged from these exoskeletons, but I sure hear them. Very loudly!

As disappointed as I was that there were so few beasties during my photo walk, I knew that when I got back to my house one of my favorite insects would be waiting to greet me.

One of my dragonflies poses on a rose.

Yep, Li’l Blue D-Fly welcomed me back home with open wings! S/he’s one creature that’s much more beauty than beast.


3 responses to “Photo Gawk

  1. I didn’t know cicada’s shed their skins.
    That spider shot is now one of my new favorites. Awesome what you can do with that lens and a good eye.

    • I guess I’m used to seeing those discarded exoskeletons every year (although they do creep me out). Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw that spider a few houses from mine?!?

  2. The third image of skipper is my fave and is beautiful. That would be divine on a calendar or a canvas. Love the colours and composition. Nat:)

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