Back to School . . . For One

My #2 son tries hard not to smile for the camera.

For the first time in a decade, I only said goodbye to one son this morning, the first day of school.

Only one child got out of bed (his older brother’s, to be exact) and prepared for what always is such a big day in our house.

Hope #2 notices my little lunchtime message!

Now that my #1 son is away at college (seems so odd to write that!), I only have one child who needs a lunch. Fortunately, my #2 son’s lunch always has been easier to prepare than his older brother’s. I must admit I won’t miss sweating to get both of their reusable bags filled on time every morning.

#2 checks his fantasy football team on the iMac.

My #2 son won’t miss sharing the iMac with his internet-hogging older brother. He has the computer all to himself now.

The bus swings past at 6:52 a.m.

He might willingly give up that perk, though, if his older brother would just come home and give him rides to school so he doesn’t have to endure the dreaded bus!


One response to “Back to School . . . For One

  1. Oh, no not the bus. My son is dreading it, too.
    Love that first day of school expression. Very enthusiastic.

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