Daily Archives: September 1, 2010

Moving On to Fall POTDs

The red-eyed dragonfly from behind (August 1)

From the first of three dragonfly photos . . .

A proud dad with his firstborn son (August 22)

to a handful of pix of my #1 son about to leave for college and finally being dropped off there . . .

My #2 son close up! (August 13)

to more pix of my #2 son, August has been a month of all kinds of photos of the day. As summer winds to a close, I’m left to wonder if I’ll be using fewer family shots for POTDs, especially since after Labor Day weekend, I won’t have my older son as a photo model for awhile.

Cody isn’t embarrassed by me. (August 30)

The thought of being the main subject for September’s POTDs probably strikes terror into my #2 son’s heart! Good thing I have Cody!!