Daily Archives: September 2, 2010

Butterflies Are Free . . . and Blurry

Can you tell what this is?

I’m told all the time that I’m a good photographer. Friends praise me, people in cars driving by express their admiration, dragonflies love to pose for me.

So what keeps me humble?

Photos like these!

It looks like a butterfly.

Recently when I was snapping pix of dragonflies, a large butterfly flew from one end of my front yard to the other.

It IS a butterfly!

This was the second or third time that this beautiful, brown flyer has teased and tortured me by moving just quickly and erratically enough that I had trouble focusing on it.

Float like a butterfly.

I wanted to get just one crisp, clear photo so badly. Just one!!

Sting my ego!

Yet all I snapped were lousy pictures.

The blurry butterfly floats past my front door.

Almost all of these I would have deleted; however, I kept them to make a point in this blog post.

Bye, bye, blurry buddy!

The minute you think you’re sitting on top of the photographic world, just try to capture pix of a floating butterfly. Think I’ll get me a diet Coke to wash down that piece of humble pie.