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Cursing at “Going the Distance”

Justin Long and Drew Barrymore curse a lot.

Dear Hollywood Moviemakers:

I am a 57-year-old stay-at-home, stick-in-the-mud mom who almost walked out of “Going the Distance,” a wreck of a movie, yesterday. This was supposedly a comedy? Really?

For some reason y’all believe that everyone in the world uses the “f word” in every other sentence; otherwise, you wouldn’t put that word—used so liberally as a noun, verb, and adjective—in every other sentence in this film. Once I start hearing all that cursing, I immediately lose interest in what I’m watching. Although maybe I wouldn’t if the storyline was interesting and well-written.

Which this one was not!

I realize that the Mister (who is pushing 60) and I might not be the proper age demographic for “Going the Distance.” The characters are in their early 30s. But thinking back to when I was that age (without trying to hurt my brain too much), I not only know that I never swore like that (except for when driving alone; everyone else drives like an idiot!), but I never heard anyone else use that kind of language.

This movie might have had promise at one time. But when you combine all the drinking, drugs, and gross sexual innuendos with the constant use of the “f word” by almost every character, well, I’m just glad we went to our usual $5 show.

But I still feel gypped.

Yours in better filmmaking,


Justin Long should’ve stuck with Macs

The lovely iMac

I make no apologies: I love the Apple store! I love going to our local venue to look at new technology, buy products, and get problems solved at the genius bar. Yesterday the mecca for all things Apple came through for me once again.

After uploading new application updates Saturday night and restarting my iMac, my heart sank—I was staring at a computer that wasn’t booting. After trying all kinds of troubleshooting, I brought the iMac into the Apple store yesterday to see if it could be fixed. Once I told them that I had been regularly backing up with Time Machine (which is wonderful!), they said they’d keep the iMac and see what they could do.

A couple hours later, I had a fresh hard drive and was ready to go. My iMac was under Applecare, so the fix was free. The best part? They put in a 500gb drive; the previous one was 320. Brought the iMac back home, used Time Machine to put everything back on it, and I was good to go in about a half hour . . . as if nothing had happened.

Justin Long (right) as the Mac guy in his previous life

Justin Long, who is a main character in the awful “Going the Distance,” used to be the Mac guy in the funny Mac-PC TV commercials. I respected his work a lot more back then!