Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

A Brief Homecoming

My #1 son approaches our front door (and the waiting Mister).

Can you beat a three-day weekend?

Some things never change!

Only when your #1 son comes home to visit after being away at college for two whole weeks!

#1 was unusually animated (meaning he talked to us) at Pei Wei (with its funky lighting).

That’s the longest my older son has ever been away in his 18 and a half years. The first thing he said when he walked through the front door was, “Let’s eat dinner at Pei Wei!” Made sense . . . it was Friday, and our family tradition is to eat there every Friday night. So that’s what we did!

The brothers play Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest.

Later that evening, my two sons retreated to the game room to battle it out on a favorite video game, Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest. I stayed in the family room and could hear them chattering away. Really made me smile. Seemed just like old times.

Until #1 had to go back to college Monday.

Josh and Chase join my #1 son in playing Runescape.

Saturday night into Sunday was very special for my older boy—my “third son,” Chase, and their mutual friend Josh came over with their laptops. All three set up their computers on our dining room table and had a Runescape marathon until 6 a.m.! Then they slept for awhile and played Runescape again until the early afternoon. Those crazy college kids!

Seems funny to say that.

Later on Sunday, my sons did their rendition of the Flight of the Conchords’ “We’re Both in Love With a Sexy Lady” for us. So hilarious and so well-done! I really need to video it next time so I can play it whenever I’m missing my #1 son.

I can’t get enough of #1’s beautiful blue eyes!

Which is often.