Can You Text Grunts?

Sparkling texting conversation with my #1 son

Some mom friends and I were yakking around the Facebook water cooler the other day about how much (or how little) our newly minted college kids have been communicating. It seems like most of the moms of boys have been clinging to every morsel of information coming down the pipe . . . which is hardly any.

Now I didn’t want to brag, but my #1 son does text me every day. Usually he’s in a panic because his internet isn’t working (as if I can do anything about it, although it’s nice to think that your kids believe you can move mountains for them). Otherwise, he reluctantly answers my questions with the same terseness that I suffered through when he lived at home.

This was yesterday’s text conversation:

8:50 a.m.:

Me: Good morning! Hope it’s not raining.

9:03 a.m.:

#1 son: It isn’t.

Me: Great! Have fun today.

7:18 p.m.:

Me: How was your day?

#1 son: Normal   (This has been his standard response for years; the Mister and I have no idea what it really means.)

Me: Got homework?

#1 son: Yes

Me: Lots?

#1 son: Yes

Me: R u working on it now?

#1 son: Yea

Me: Good! Did u decide to go to casino night tomorrow?   (Casino night is hosted by UTSA’s honors college.)

#1 son: I’ll go

Me: Glad you’re keeping an open mind. Did u get a new umbrella?   (The one he got from his high school’s ProGrad broke within 10 minutes of use in the midst of Tropical Storm Hermine Tuesday.)

#1 son: Yes

Me: Cost?

#1 son: $9.95

Me: Not bad!

#1 son: I also bought a raincoat of some kind for $4.95. Poncho

Me: Very smart! You must be a college kid! Did u eat dinner at the café?

#1 son: Yes

Me: Hamburger or pizza?

#1 son: Burger

Me: Sigh!   (Because all he eats at the Roadrunner Café is either a hamburger or pizza despite the abundance of food choices.)

I’m just glad that he can’t text all the eye-rolling he must be doing!

6 responses to “Can You Text Grunts?

  1. How about (^)(>)?

  2. OMG. If I could tell you how often my son says, “The normal,” when I ask him what did you do at school today?
    I’m not getting more more than you are from my girl. I know she’s making lots of friends and having fun. But I’m not getting much detail about classes. I wonder if that should make me nervous.

    • She just started her classes, Trish, so everything’s probably okay. My son just started his third week of classes, and he claims he hasn’t gotten any grades yet. Except for maybe a check . . . that looked like a V. That’s what he texted me. Bizarre!

  3. Too funny! My 10yr olds are starting that one, they think Im so “old” for wanting to communicate with them!

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