Daily Archives: September 10, 2010

Putting It In There

Sam shows my #2 son how to putt behind the back.

Conventional golfing wisdom is that you drive for show and putt for dough. That’s also true for disc golf.

Michael lasers in a putt.

Although the goal is the same—put the disc into the basket—individual putting styles can be so different.

Bart ignores his heavy load as he sails in a putt.

As well as entertaining!

Eric makes it look easy.

Short distances can be as tricky as long ones.

Sam putts the more-conventional way.

Players can’t afford to lose their concentration.

Tim goes for extra style points.

The basket chains can be merciful in helping to capture a slightly errant putt or merciless when a putt seems in the basket only to be evilly tossed aside.

This putt is as good as in the basket for Griff.

But for all of these different players with all of their different ways of getting the disc into the basket, at this particular tournament last Saturday I really only cared about one disc golfer and his putting style:

My #2 son is about to make his putt.

This character! Even though he ended up putting for no dough.