New Nature Discoveries

A squirrel stays out of the way of flying discs.

When I use my Nikon 105mm macro lens to take disc golf photos, I’m always hoping that nature will provide some photo ops, too.

A huge fly stops to pose.

Because disc golf tournaments are in parks, I usually get my wish.

How I wish this dragonfly had stopped to pose!

Nottingham Park, venue of the most-recent tourney, didn’t disappoint. There even were plenty of dragonflies, not that any of them were considerate enough to stop on the ground or in a tree so I could snap a good photo. Wish they were as polite as my front yard d-flies!

From little acorns grow mighty oaks

The trees especially attracted my attention. They were short enough that it was easy to get up close and personal with their contents.

Weird-looking pine cones?

My favorites were these odd-looking pine trees sporting even odder-looking occupants. Were these destined to be pine cones?

A quick Google search revealed that this actually was a bald cypress tree bearing seed balls. It’s deciduous and will drop its leaves if autumn ever decides to pay a visit to the Houston area (debatable at the moment). The seeds will go forth and hopefully multiple with more cypresses and more interesting-looking seed balls.

Prettier than conventional pine cones!

I love when macro photography leads to new discoveries!


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  1. Really nice selection you got there, good job.

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