A Wonderful, Water-Filled Camera Experiment

Does this make you thirsty or just laugh?

When I got out of my Honda Pilot at my #2 son’s recent disc golf tournament at Nottingham Park, one thing immediately caught my attention: A big yellow head spewing water out of its mouth.

The water starts to drop.

I immediately went to investigate and found a cute, little spray park.

Thar she goes!

Where were these marvels at keeping young kids cool, wet, and entertained when my two sons were toddlers?

Looks like fun to run through! (1/320th of a second)

They would have loved playing here. And I would have loved snapping photos of them having wet and wild fun.

The same water spray, different shutter speeds: 1/100th (left) and 1/30th (right)

Instead, I had to settle for “playing” with the water photographically with my Nikon 105mm lens.

As I’ve noted before, moving water gives photographers a great chance to experiment with slow vs. fast shutter speeds to see the different effects. Some point-and-shoot cameras have manual controls, but it helps to have a digital SLR for this exercise.

Water shoots from the ground (f/4, 1/1600th of a second)

Just put your camera on the aperture-preferred setting (check the manual, if necessary). As you open (small number like f/4) and close (bigger number like f/22) the aperture (which determines how much light is let into the camera), the shutter speed is faster (as in the above photo) or slower (as in the one below).

As you go back and forth, you know what could happen?

”Painting” the surging water (f/25, 1/40th of a second)

Your photos might just be mistaken for impressionist paintings!


6 responses to “A Wonderful, Water-Filled Camera Experiment

  1. What is that… thing? The first picture.

  2. Way cool. I love the water dropping from the bucket shot.

  3. Very nice, good play with shutter speeds 🙂

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