Surviving “Survivor” Minus One

The start of a new “Survivor” season in Nicaragua

“Survivor” started its 21st season last night. As I’ve written before here, here, and here, we’re huge fans of this CBS reality show and have watched every season together as a family.

As usual, I’ve been looking forward to this edition, which is set in Nicaragua, a country whose name I can’t pronounce. However, one thing has put a damper on my enthusiasm (besides the pronunciation problem): For the first time ever, only three of us are watching “Survivor” together.

My #1 son is at college, and I definitely missed his quips and wicked sense of humor last night as we observed the old (ages 40 and older) try to best the young (ages 30 and younger).

What did happen to contestants in their 30s?

Fortunately, my older son texted me several times during the episode. But it’s just not the same as having him with us in our family room hearing his spontaneous commentary. It’s just another one of those pesky “new normals” that we have to adapt to.

Maybe sharing “Survivor” via text messages will be old hat by the 22nd season.

Some “Survivor” thoughts

Marty (left) strategizes with Coach Jimmy Johnson

After watching the first episode, I know that one contestant I won’t be rooting for is Jimmy Johnson (the coach, not the race car driver). I don’t care how personable or how good a player he is, one fact stands true: He coached the hated Dallas Cowboys to back-to-back Super Bowls. If he somehow gets humiliated, all Houston Oilers/Texans fans will cheer.

Dalton Ross, who writes the excellent “Survivor” analysis column every Thursday, agrees with me.

So who am I pulling for?

Here’s hoping Chase Rice wins!

Chase Rice! A member of the young tribe, the 24-year-old North Carolina native is a pro race car jackman . . . and he’s easy on the eyes, too. But the best part? Check out his name: He sounds like my “third son,” Chase, who attends Rice University. Hey, he’s a natural choice!


4 responses to “Surviving “Survivor” Minus One

  1. I so relate to your Jake story. What’s so cool, though, is you can text back and forth during the show. I still do that with Matt – or even if we’re not able to watch a favorite show (like Modern Family) at the same time, we always exchange messages about the episode. So he may not be there physically, but he is with you in spirit!!

  2. You know, one of the commercials got me thinking they were going to vote Cancer off the tribe. Apparently not.

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