“Easy A” Gets an A

The movie’s name explains a lot.

One internet movie reviewer, the NYC  Movie Guru, partially judges flicks by how many times he looks at his watch. I totally get that . . . it always seems that when I’m not enjoying a film, I’m constantly checking my Timex.

I’m pleased to say that I didn’t glance at my watch one time during “Easy A,” which the Mister and I saw at yesterday morning’s $5 show. And I’m also happy to award the film, yes, an easy A!

Protagonist Olive (Emma Stone) flaunts her A.

Laugh out loud funny, “Easy A” featured wonderful acting, especially by Emma Stone (who is destined to be a star), and a delightful script mercifully devoid of my least-favorite word (although there was cursing, it was relatively mild). It’s definitely PG-13 with an emphasis on the older teen age groups.

The movie parallels the “The Scarlet Letter,” which is what Emma’s character, Olive, and her classmates are studying in English. How convenient! It also invokes images and sayings from popular John Hughes movies of the 1980s.

Marianne (Amanda Bynes) is at odds with Olive.

The Mister wasn’t as enamored with the movie as I was, because he was bothered by the way the ultra-righteous Cross My Heart group, led by Marianne (Amanda Bynes), was so negatively portrayed. He’s not very religious, but he does think that Christians get a bad rap from Hollywood. Personally, I thought it was necessary to show Marianne especially in this way, because the movie needed a counterpart to “The Scarlet Letter’s” Puritans. I loved the way Olive handled her nemesis.

Here are two of my favorite parts of the movie. The first one was Olive’s initial reaction to receiving a musical greeting card that played Natasha Bedingfield’s potentially irritating “Pocketful of Sunshine.” So funny how something so annoying could eventually be your cellphone’s ring tone.

The second was when Olive wanted to look at the Bible in a bookstore. The cashier told her it was with the best sellers next to the “Twilight” series. That one really made me howl (I love the “Twilight” series)!

If you want a lot of easy laughs, go see “Easy A.”

2 responses to ““Easy A” Gets an A

  1. A twist on the Scarlet Letter. I love it. I think I’ll check it out. Who am I kidding? When is the last time I had time for a movie? At home or otherwise.

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