Daily Archives: September 23, 2010

Bugs and Berries

Berries grow on trees at the golf course.

When my #2 son played in a handicap mini disc golf tournament last week, I knew I wasn’t going to shoot many pix of the players. And I didn’t.

I’ve always called these weeds “ticklers.” That’s what they do to your nose!

With the venue being an old, now overgrown with weeds golf course, I figured that I might get some good nature shots.

A solo tickler

So, with my Nikon 105mm macro lens in hand, I tried to look at the old golf course as a park full of natural surprises.

These kind of look like berries.

And it was! I had such a good time snapping away that I almost forgot that a tournament was going on. I’m just glad no one hit me in the head with a disc!

A hummingbird moth hangs around.

Two of the biggest surprises were of the flying variety. First, I actually saw a hummingbird moth for the first time. I’ve read about them and wondered if I would ever get the chance to see one, especially with camera in hand. When I saw this guy hanging from a weed, I almost added the natural blur of shaking with excitement to my slow shutter speed!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get close enough to him to take a decent photo, but at least now I know what hummingbird moths look like. I hope I get another photo op under better conditions.

A dragonfly rests on a huge pipe.

Second, I actually got a dragonfly to pose for me! As I walked the course with #2, there seemed to be a gazillion d-flies zooming about; unfortunately, none of them wanted to land and wait for me to snap their photo. How selfish!

But then I was near one of the few lakes that still contain water (most now sport tons of weeds) and saw the above blue d-fly resting on a pipe. Of course, it was too far away to get a crisp, clear pic. Frustrating.

A green-headed dragonfly likes modeling.

As I moved away from the pipe, something blue flying through the air caught my eye. It was a green-headed blue chaser dragonfly! Best of all, this little cutie liked hanging around a nearby bush that was close enough for the 105 to zoom in and get solid photos (even at 1600 ISO; glad I was using my low-light king, the Nikon D700).

Wish I could take this d-fly home with me!

This little guy really made my day! I was so glad that I decided to shoot a disc golf tournament as if it was a nature hike.

A beautiful sunset caps the day.

From bugs to berries to a gorgeous sunset, it actually made the 10 mosquito bites I endured worth it.