The Mister Turns 60!

Good, old Charlie Brown

Back in the fall of 1950, a round-headed boy was born, and the world was a better place.

Yes, I could be talking about Charlie Brown, who is about to celebrate his 60th birthday (not that he’s aged any).

The cute, little Mister

Actually, I’m referring to the Mister, another round-headed fella, who turns 60 today. He also looks pretty much the same . . . well, except for that full head of hair.

The Mister with his older sister, Carol, and older brother, Mike

The Mister grew up as the youngest in his very-supportive, very-loving family. He remains close to his older siblings, Carol and Mike.

Dad tries to corral his sons in 2007.

A hard-working business owner, the Mister’s greatest success has been as a father to our two sons. He’s always been there for them, rarely missing an athletic contest, concert, or awards ceremony. I have no doubt that if they’re blessed with children of their own (please!), both of them will be wonderful dads, because they’ve had a terrific role model.

Our sons and the Mister this past Father’s Day

Charlie Brown may be the more-famous sexagenarian (a funny term for a cartoon character), but the Mister is our household’s fan favorite.

Happy 60th birthday, Mister!


3 responses to “The Mister Turns 60!

  1. Lovely post. Truthfully, your devotion to the Mister and his devotion to his family brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE the Charlie Brown comparison.
    He really did have a special outlook on life.
    Happy Birthday to the Mister!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Rick!

    You’ve joined us in the ’60s’ crowd!!


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