Daily Archives: September 27, 2010

A Healthy Dose of Blue Eyes

The brothers are together again!

Three hours is a looooong way to travel for anything by car. But when it comes to getting a blue-eyed fix, it’s the distance I’m willing to drive. Or have the Mister drive.

The River Walk is like Venice in Texas.

When the Mister turned 60 last Friday, we decided that we wanted our entire family to help him celebrate. Which meant we needed to be with our #1 son, who is at college at the University of Texas at San Antonio about three hours away. The Mister, our #2 son, and I sleepily hopped into the car at about 8:30 a.m. yesterday and began our all-day venture.

A duck enjoys the River Walk waters.

We picked up an equally-sleepy #1 son from his dorm and drove to San Antonio’s famed River Walk.

St. Anthony, the patron saint of San Antonio

There we strolled along the river, talked, shopped at the Rivercenter mall, ate lunch at Tony Roma’s, and mainly just had a great time with our much-missed son and older brother.

A pipe blower and guitarist entertain at the Rivercenter Mall.

It was fun (and a bit teary, I must admit) for me to watch my sons enjoy each other’s company so much. I hardly got a chance to talk to my older boy, but I didn’t mind when I saw how much fun he and his younger brother were having just being together again.

The guys pose in front of the Alamo.

It seemed like the Mister needed to be with our #1 son to make sure he’s doing okay. My #2 son needed to talk and reconnect with his big bro in person (they talk and/or text just about every day).

As for me . . .

Subdued blue eyes

. . . I just needed yet another fix of my sweet son’s blue eyes.