Goofy San Antonio Snippets

“The UTSA”—it’s the downtown branch

I lived in San Antonio for a couple years when I first moved to Texas from Chicago in 1983. I’ll never forget the first Sunday I went shopping and discovered something completely foreign to a northerner: the blue laws. First, I thought it was odd that there was almost no traffic on the highway. Second, I walked into a grocery store and noticed that parts of it were roped off and off limits. Totally goofy!

What the heck? I soon found out that the blue laws were designed to ensure that no work was done on Sundays. So you could, for example, buy nails but not a hammer. Fortunately, most of the blue laws were repealed by the time I moved to Houston in 1985, although I must admit I kind of liked that it wasn’t worth the time and effort to shop on a Sunday when there were things you couldn’t buy.

Colorful tile adorns cement structures above the River Walk.

I never thought that I’d have a son who would be attending college in my first Texas city. But my older boy is indeed living there, so I’m viewing San Antonio very differently these days. And I think the place is going to grow on me.

A waterfall along the River Walk (f/2.8; 1/100th of a second)

There are plenty of cool things to see and do in San Antonio. Like visit the River Walk, which we did when we spent time with #1 last Sunday.

Slowing down the waterfall photographically (f/5.6; 1/25th of a second)

Water is cooling just by its very nature. It made the summer heat (although it’s really fall) easier to take.

A scale model of the Alamo (the red dots link to information on a key)

And, of course, there’s always the Alamo (as in “remember the . . . .”).

“Alamo crackers in my soup . . . .”

This town is all about that old mission where a tiny band of Texians tried to hold off cruel Santa Anna and his Mexican army of 1,500 men in 1836. They ultimately failed, but the Battle of the Alamo spurred the Texian army to eventually beat Santa Anna and end the Texas Revolution on April 21st of that year.

A plaque on the Alamo front door.

Today’s Texans are so proud of their history that the kids learn about it in fourth and seventh grade . . . and my older son probably will take it again next semester at UTSA. That history seems to start at the Alamo, which is a very solemn place. It’s moving to think that men who weren’t even born in Texas fought and died for my adopted state’s freedom.

Y’all are in Texas!

As somber as that plaque is, I chuckled when I read the goofy sign just outside the door telling gentlemen to remove their hats. Texans love wearing hats!

Zombie Roadkill tacos . . . no thank you!

And not far from the Alamo was a Zombie Roadkill taco truck that promised that all roadkill tastes like chicken. Seems pretty goofy.

Goofy adorns a wall outside of the Disney Store in the Rivercenter Mall.

San Antonio seems to be the perfect mix of old and new, solemn and intriguing, with lots of places to explore. Ain’t nothing goofy about that!


5 responses to “Goofy San Antonio Snippets

  1. Ah but Susan! The blue laws were in effect when we were kids in Illinois. You just didn’t do the grocery shopping then. I don’t remember when they were eliminated, but sometime when we were in highschool, I think. I do remember the Blue Laws.

    • Sue, I don’t remember them at all. I grew up in Chicago and didn’t move to Waukegan until sixth grade; I’m not sure if blue laws were different depending on the community.

  2. Really bizzare! Blue Laws! We need Red laws Down Under to get people TO work!! Its blues laws here everyday….lol

  3. That’s my hometown and where Rob and I met….on the Riverwalk! I’m an Incarnate Word U. grad and we married at La Mansion del Rio on the River a few months after meeting….kind of hope to end up close to that area one day, even though all family has moved away. San Antonio is an amazing city with an amazing history….and UTSA rocks!

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