Nine Months of POTDs Complete

The brothers reunite. (September 3)

At the start of September, I had pondered about the loss of my older son as a photo model now that he’s in college.

My skittish friend finally poses. (September 23)

He did manage to get in three Photos of the Day, though, ironically the same number as did dragonflies.

Partial cooperation by my #2 son (September 13)

However, his younger brother scored 12 POTDs, becoming my photo model of choice . . . no matter how reluctant. Four were from his high school cross-country meets, which were very convenient photo ops. But there are only three more meets this month, so that source will dry up quickly.

The Houston Texans won’t be calling soon. (September 19)

This photo of my #2 son just happens to be my favorite September POTD. I love the look of concentration on his face, and I’m especially happy that I captured the blurry ball as it starts its journey towards the goal post. Best of all? He wasn’t hiding his handsome face from me!


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