Facebookin’ It at the Movies

This page looks familiar.

Do you Facebook? Even better, do you think that “Facebook” should be used as a verb?

Friends and enemies

Yesterday the Mister, our #2 son, and I saw “The Social Network” at the $5 show. It was a good movie, well worth seeing for anyone who is into Facebook and wonders about how Mark Zuckerberg started the company. The back-and-forth (past-present-past-present) storytelling was a little confusing, but it was interesting to see how a social misfit like the Harvard-dropout Zuckerberg created his empire.

Mark Zuckerberg: The man behind Facebook

I think we all remember characters like Zuckerberg especially from our high school days—that geeky kid who never seemed to fit in anywhere especially due to the lack of a social filter. Ably played by Jesse Eisenberg, the tactless computer science nerd ironically designs the ultimate social networking tool, but, unfortunately, tramples over a close friendship with Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) along the way.

Justin Timberlake (here with Jesse Eisenberg) adds star power to the flick.

Zuckerberg’s head and good sense eventually get turned by Sean Parker, the broke Napster founder who helps drive the wedge between Mark and Eduardo. Justin Timberlake’s portrayal of Parker is excellent—as one reviewer put it, it was so good that we forget that it’s Timberlake in the role.

What’s especially nice about this almost-documentary is that it makes you think about what is intellectual property. Zuckerberg possibly stole the basic idea for Facebook. But, as he said, does “a guy who makes a really good chair owe money to anyone who ever made a chair?” Interesting question . . . and you probably will come to your own conclusion by the end of the movie.

“The Social Network” is rated PG-13. This is a flick that would’ve been rated R back in the day. It’s totally inappropriate for young teens due to language, drug use, and sexual images.

So what did I do after we saw the movie? Naturally, I Facebooked about it!


4 responses to “Facebookin’ It at the Movies

  1. Thanks for warning on the rating. Little Kevin wanted to see it, but he may have to wait a couple of years before he does.

  2. Good review. I think I will wait for this one to come out on video. But a “wanta see”. Still don’t understand the rating system!

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