High School Homecoming

Our football players will be smashing through this sign when they run on the field.

High school football. The big homecoming game. A crisp, cool fall evening. Oops, scratch that last one . . . this is the Houston area, after all.

Tyler tries to run past the defender.

Last Friday night was the homecoming contest for my younger son’s high school. Even though our poor football team hasn’t won a game since the 2008 homecoming, we had a great crowd on hand to support our boys.

Taylor fires a pass downfield.

Our Bulldogs have a lot of talent; however, our school district is very tough. Still, it’s hard on morale to go winless for an entire year, as we did in 2009.

James leaps to tip the pass to himself.

Fortunately, our quarterback and our receivers put on a great aerial show sure to please.

About to corral the pass, James keeps the ball away from the defender.

Remember that touchdown pass I highlighted last week? Leapin’ lizards, James was catching the football all over the field again.

Brelynn breaks the plane for a touchdown.

Our running game had its exciting moments, too.

Erica cheers for our team.

Of course, there’s so much more to a homecoming game than just football.

Savannah and Brelynn reign as homecoming queen and king.

You can feel the excitement when the queen and king are announced.

Will the band’s "Scare Tactics” help our football team?

Our school’s fabulous band provides musical interludes from the stands to try to stir up the crowd.

The Angels wave their bright pom poms.

The Angels, our dance team, provide color and enthusiasm next to the band.

Yep, even though we lost yet again (but only by nine points), it was fun being at the big game supporting our team.

Great minds think alike!

It sure helps to keep a sense of humor!

One response to “High School Homecoming

  1. Yes, that will carry you through a long season. So will those great photos.

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