“You Again”: Reliving the Meanness of High School

The past continues to haunt.

When I think waaaaay back to high school, I remember an awkward time filled with uncomfortable moments and feeling a little like an outcast. Fortunately, I wasn’t close to the bottom of the teen food chain like Marni Olivia Olsen (yes, sadly her initials are “MOO”) was in the funny flick “You Again,” which the Mister and I saw at yesterday’s $5 show.

Quite honestly, we immediately wanted to see this movie when we heard that Jamie Lee Curtis was starring in it. The first flick the Mister and I saw on our first date in 1988 was “A Fish Called Wanda,” which also featured Jamie Lee. We’ve enjoyed most of her films since then.

Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis relive some terrible memories.

I will admit that “A Fish Called Wanda” was waaaay funnier than “You Again,” which you might want to wait to eventually rent or Netflix. Although definitely not a must-see movie, “You Again” is one of those chick-flicks that asks and, hopefully, answers the questions of why we remember painful memories and whether or not people can change over the years, either through self-reflection or forgetfulness.

The former top and bottom of the high school food chain share a moment.

In case you don’t know the storyline, Marni (Kristen Bell) was a geek in high school who was tortured by the in-crowd, particularly the head cheerleader, JJ. Eight years later she’s ditched the big glasses and is now a successful public relations executive headed back home for her older brother’s wedding to a woman named Joanna (Odette Yustman). Of course, it’s JJ, Marni’s old nemesis. And to add fuel to the fire, Joanna’s aunt (Sigourney Weaver), her only living relative, is the old high school rival of Marni’s mom, played by Curtis.

Betty White portrays Marni’s grandmother. Even though she has a funny bit near the end, am I the only one who’s tired of seeing her in everything?

There really are some laugh-out-loud moments in this accurately PG-rated movie. The best part is at the end (hint: it’s musical), so don’t leave early!


4 responses to ““You Again”: Reliving the Meanness of High School

  1. Lana and I went to the $5 matinee and enjoyed this movie!

  2. Love Betty White and Jamie Lee Curtis. I’ll put this on my growing list.

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