Reflecting on Non-Dragonfly Nature

A dismal photo of a dragonfly in the air

After I lucked out shooting those red and blue dragonflies at that old ball golf course with my Nikon 105mm macro, I decided I wanted another shot at them. But this time I would use my Nikon 70-200mm lens, so I could get up into their grinning grilles.

A few weeks ago, after I dropped off my #2 son to play disc golf with the Mister, I made the short drive over to that old golf course and got ready to have some fun. Unfortunately, not one single, solitary dragonfly was near that same lake. Although there were plenty of d-flies buzzing around close by, I only snagged one pathetic photo.

Kind of depressing. I had been looking so forward to snapping great pix; it was such a letdown.

An egret warily eyes me.

But then I did what every photographer does when his/her subject disappoints: Look around for something else to shoot.

The egret flies away and is about to land on the opposite side.

As usual, nature failed to let me down. I stayed around the small lake and took advantage of what was there instead of lamenting about what wasn’t.

A bright damselfly rests on a leaf shooting out of the lake.

Although there weren’t any dragonflies, several damselflies, a similar insect, perched on leaves. Small with long bodies, damselflies have a penchant for posing for short periods of time.

Reflective ripples paint a dreamy portrait.

As I began to lose my light, I was drawn to the lake itself. I love reflections. They have that dreamlike quality, looking so much like an impressionist painting.

Reflection or upside-down photo?

It’s hard to feel frustrated when there’s so much beauty all around . . . real and reflected!


4 responses to “Reflecting on Non-Dragonfly Nature

  1. Great shots! Love the egret in flight. Great capture.

  2. I like the “Monet” inspired shots!

  3. Screw the dragonflies. The egret’s where it’s at. Love the reflections.

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