Juggling Act

Josh battles the defender for a pass in the end zone.

Even though my #2 son’s high school football team is struggling through yet another losing (and potentially winless) season, our players continue to work hard. Remember this recent long-pass pictorial? That one ended in six points. Here’s another series featuring Josh, who tried so hard to corral a pass in the end zone at last Saturday night’s game.

Who will end up with the ball?

The play is still alive!

Oh, oh . . . the defender just manages to swat the ball away from Josh.

All the players can do is stare.

Great effort, Josh!

(Technical information: Nikon D700; Nikon 70-200mm lens; ISO 2000; shot from the stands)


2 responses to “Juggling Act

  1. Still no win?
    Geez, looking at your photos is even better than watching game films.

    • The final two teams we play seem to be better than us, unfortunately, so it’ll be another winless season unless we can manage an upset. You would NOT want to look at our team’s game films!

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