Back to Nature

Tony putts his (white) disc through nature towards the basket.

Disc golfers have to commune with nature whether they like it or not . . . and more often than not, they don’t! Most courses are set in parks, which usually have lots of trees. During a round you’ll hear the not-so-pleasant thunking of plastic hitting bark too many times.

So it’s nice when a disc golf tournament moves away from the parks, as was the case for the Southwest Handicap Mini, which held its season finale at a course designed around the house of one of the players, Marcus (who, ironically, was ineligible to play officially). Some of the venue is wide open, but, as you can see from the above photo, nature still managed to get into the way.

An orange spider climbs one of its web strands.

Despite the ferocious mosquitoes, I delighted in that nature (armed with my Nikon 105mm lens) much more than the players did. For example, when Tony walked through a spider’s web (don’t you hate when that happens?), I strolled over to it and was pleased to see that the orange occupant was still hanging on by a thread.

Little white flowers dotted the grass.

Of course, there were some wildflowers here and there just begging to be photographed.

Little purple flowers add color to the green landscape.

Some, like these tiny purple flowers, I had never seen before.

Which way is up?

For two of the holes, the players had to throw across a pond. Look at the great reflection the surrounding trees made! Definitely my favorite hole.

At least the plant leaves seem like fall

Most of the scenery was very green, which is typical for fall in the Houston area. Fortunately, one of the nearby homeowners showcased these colorful plants in their front yard to break up the monotony.

Anyone home?

Just as I was wishing for a chance to shoot something besides plants, I spotted this large webbing in a tree. Who had done this dastardly deed?

“You rang?”

There’s the culprit nestled comfortably inside the webbing. That was a nice photographic change, but I still wanted to snap something more warm and cuddly. Unfortunately, my #2 son, who thinks I’m a disc golf jinx, wouldn’t let me take any pix of him. Were my maternal feelings doomed to go unused?

A cute dachshund smiles at me.



6 responses to “Back to Nature

  1. Beautiful shots. I thought of you when I passed a disc golf course in a beautiful park out in the country during my travels for a story the other day. I’ve never tried the sport myself.

  2. That spider is commonly called a “jewel spider” around here. I freaked me out when I saw one in a web on my front porch one time.

  3. love love love the water shot – should be framed and hanging somewhere in your house 🙂

    also found the spider intriguing – almost didn’t look like a spider

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