Battling Photo Boredom

Emily runs with the pack at the start of the varsity girls’ race.

When you shoot the same subject week after week, it sure can get boring.

My #2 son and a competitor literally run stride for stride.

Even when you adore one of your subjects.

Kara battles a competitor near the finish.

That’s how photographic life has been for me shooting cross-country. This is my second year of snapping pix at every high school meet that my younger son has competed in, and I noticed that I definitely had the been-there-done-that blahs. After all, there are only so many ways to approach a mostly-individual sport.

Mehran, Emmanuel, and Clay lead our troops at the start of the varsity boys’ race.

So last week when I went to shoot my #2 son and his cross-country companions, I challenged myself to look at the sport in a different way: By taking group shots. I tried to snap no solo photos.

Casey and Tyler (mirror images!) run side by side during the junior varsity race.

This was an easy photographic exercise with most of the runners, who seem to naturally fall in with one or two others.

Clay sprints ahead of his nearest competitor at the finish.

It also helps put the sport into the proper perspective: It’s a race where competitors are trying to beat someone else to the finish line. Few of the runners are ever truly alone while on the course.

I really enjoyed changing up my photographic game plan. I also think it added some needed spark to my photos. But I must admit that my favorite pic of the meet was of an individual.

Abhi puts his all into finishing strong.

Whether running in a crowd or alone, it’s great to capture someone’s passion for his sport. And that, my friends, is never boring.


3 responses to “Battling Photo Boredom

  1. Now, that’s a Sports Illustrated worthy short if ever I saw one. If that doesn’t capture the intensity of those cross country guys I don’t know what does.

  2. Now there’s a nice expression on that last one! very nicely shot

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