Best-Laid Plans Go Belly-Up

The tree says “autumn,” but, alas, there’s no reflection.

While I was jogging during a nine-miler yesterday through the master-planned community next to mine, I could see autumn. Their cypress trees turn colors, and I spied one sensational scene I especially wanted to capture photographically: Those trees reflected in the nearby lake.

So did I grab my digital SLR when I finished my run and return to that spot? Surely you jest! No, the Mister and I went to see “Life As We Know It” (rentable; not as good as it could’ve been), and then there was the usual chaos of laundry, homework nagging, texting with my #1 son, and pro football games (including a thrilling Houston Texans win!). By the time I set out with my Nikon 70-200mm lens (the trees were across the lake), it was 5:30 p.m.

Low sun = no reflections = one sad me. Oh, the best-laid plans of mice and photographers!

Green reedies shoot up close to the lake.

But I still had my camera in hand, so I figured what the heck? Let’s shoot some nature!

Those reedies close up and personal.

And so I did. There wasn’t anything particularly compelling to capture, especially when there wasn’t great light.

A plump cattail stands among the reeds.

So I thought I’d look at the same scene two different ways (basically vertically and horizontally).

A fuzzier cattail close by

None of the pics were nearly as good as that reflection photo I imagined on my run. Guess I need to go back when the light is right and carry out my plan properly. Stay tuned!!


5 responses to “Best-Laid Plans Go Belly-Up

  1. Did you say a 9 mile jog? Excuse me? I couldn’t do 9 miles if there was a donut waiting for me on the other end. So you are excused for not getting back for the reflection shots. The photos you did get are pretty anyway. Love the texture in the blowing grass shot.

  2. I like the reeds that appear bent and blowing, very nicely shot.

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