No (R)egrets: Takeoff and Landing

The egret is perched in a tree . . . but not for long.

Remember that egret that enjoyed surveying the lake in that colorful tree? After taking those reflection photos, I drove around the water to get closer to the great white bird. Who, of course, promptly flew across again to a tree near where I had been standing. Figures. Just my luck.

So I drove back to that spot and was able to snap some good closeups of the egret thanks to my Nikon 1.7x teleconverter and Nikon 70-200mm lens. Which was nice and all, but what I really wanted was for the egret to fly across the lake so I could try to capture it and its reflection in the water. I kept edging closer and closer to the tree.

There it goes!

Finally, the egret had had enough and off it flew. And I pushed down the shutter button.

It was hard keeping the bird in focus and making sure to get its reflection, too.

And held it.

Land ho!

Enjoying the reflected fall colors in the lake while I let the Nikon D300’s burst mode do its job.

The landing gear is out and ready!

Until finally the egret was ready to stop on solid ground once again.

The egret is relieved to be far away from the birdarazzo.

Watching the majestic egret glide along the lake was magical and wonderful. It even had the natives talking.


4 responses to “No (R)egrets: Takeoff and Landing

  1. Always a great feeling when you can catch “that” shot. Love the speech bubbles! You make me smile! Nat

  2. Lovely shots Susan, I never do get the in-flight shots good, you did a good job there! 🙂

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