Funny Beesness

Pretty purple flowers attract more than just me.

The way last Friday’s high school district cross-country meet was set up, it was easiest to take photos at the start and the finish. But that meant there was a boatload of time in between waiting for runners.

At first I was bored at this local park. But then I spied these pretty purple flowers nearby, and I went over to investigate.

Making a beeline towards a flower

I was glad I did! When I zoomed in with my Nikon 70-200mm lens, I could see a bee frolicking among the flowers.

The bee almost cuddles with the flower.

Thankfully, because of the zoom, I could get up close and personal with the insect without fearing a meeting with his stinger. Which I did fear a lot.

Just hanging around

The bee really put on a show for me and made the time fly by.

An unflattering angle

No butts about it!


5 responses to “Funny Beesness

  1. HA! Great shots here! Very summer-like!!

  2. You should not fear them so much. In my experience, I’ve found that bees (unlike yellow jackets) are unlikely to sting unless their nest is threatened or they are being injured (such as when stepped on with bare feet, or trapped in a fist).

    Sometimes they even seem to appreciate kindness:

  3. Very nice!!! I like these, a nice collection, especially that “top-view” 🙂

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