Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Only Two Months to Go!

A rare family photo now that my #1 son is at college. (October 30)

As always, my morning question to myself of “I wonder what the photo of the day will be” was answered every single day in October . . . except for one. On October 7.

My #1 son saves my POTD streak. (October 6)

That was when I realized that I hadn’t taken even one single snap with my iPhone 4 the previous day. For the first time since my 365-days-of-photos challenge began on January 1st, I was photo-less.

But then I remembered that my older son had texted me an iPhone 4 shot of a grade he had gotten on a paper. I could use his picture! So I called in my photographer relief pitcher (ha ha!), and he saved the day. Close call!

As I type, I’m wondering what the November 1st photo of the day will be. Hope I snap the pic sooner than later!