The Family That Disc Golfs Together . . . .

The guys enter McClain Park for our disc golf adventure.

When we go on a family outing, it often involves a park, baskets, and discs. Although we usually don’t travel three hours to get together so we can have this kind of fun.

The brothers exchange a low five at the start.

The Mister and our #2 son love to play disc golf. So when we made a short (Friday evening-Saturday afternoon) trek to San Antonio to visit our older son at the University of Texas campus there, we decided that the weather was too nice not to be outdoors having a good time. Even my #1 son would rather play disc golf than study!

The map of McClain Park’s disc golf course (the circled part references snakes!)

We headed for Bryan McClain Park. Not too far from the UTSA campus, the park was named in honor of a San Antonio native who perished in the 1999 Texas A&M bonfire tragedy. It was a tight course with lots of trees and some interesting basket placements. Like one that was raised.

My #2 son’s disc zeroes in on the basket across a creek.

And this one that was across a small creek. My younger son hit the basket with his drive for a near ace!

My younger son tees off.

I definitely was psyched when I saw this elevated tee box. It meant that I could shoot from below with my Nikon 105mm lens and put a new spin on my disc golf photography.

Oh oh! Got to duck from my #1 son’s tee shot!

Until my older boy almost hit me with his disc! I don’t think I’ve ever ducked so fast. In case you’re wondering, I protected my camera equipment first, my head second.

#2 crosses the creek over a couple well-placed logs.

A winding creek impacted several of the holes, including crossing over it. Pretty but perilous.

#1 putts.

My #1 son isn’t really into disc golf, but he played well enough to enjoy spending time with his family in a way that reminded him of home.

My #2 son high fives his Dad on the final hole they played.

Home . . . where his close-knit family misses him and thinks about him often. Home . . . where he won’t return to until Thanksgiving.

My handsome guys!

The next family disc golf outing? Probably near our home in late November. I can’t wait!

4 responses to “The Family That Disc Golfs Together . . . .

  1. Gorgeous high-five shot. Brought tears to my eyes. For obvious reasons. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough for me.
    Good job protecting the lens. Seems you’ve got your priorities in order. The course sounds amazing. I don’t think we have anything that elaborate around here. Probably because we can’t enjoy them year ’round so why bother.

    • You might be surprised at how many disc golf courses like this one you have in Minnesota. My #2 son played some courses in Michigan that he really liked, and the courses in Ohio during the amateur world championships were difficult but interesting. I’ve seen photos of people playing disc golf in the snow!

  2. It’s great to see the candid shots of the boys again! I know that the bug shots are much harder to do but I’d just rather see my nephews!

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